Knee Pain/Injury Today... What Could it Be?

Hi guys, I think I injured my knee today while warming up for squats.

I was squatting very deep today while warming up for my worksets. At my 245 warmup set, my right knee gave out and I suddenly felt a sharp pain while I was in the squat position. It was a slight pop. But I was able to get the weight back up. Since then I’ve had a bit of problem walking and my knee hurts the most on the back area of my leg when I try to do a forward-backward cycle motion (Basically picking up the leg)

I am going to see a doctor about it tomorrow if the pain persists. But I was wondering if you guys have any ideas what it might be.


it sounds like a minor hamstring tear, just see what the doc says.

PRovide some more specifics about the pop, where was it? was the knee unstable after? etc.

The pain is all localized in the knee area. If I can describe it, its mostly inside the knee. But not directly on the kneecap.

Its nowhere near my hamstring. :-S

When you said you couldn’t flex (bend ) your knee I thought it might be that.
From the sounds of it is a meniscal tear.
Go see your doctor, they will perform some tests to verify if your ligaments are intact having ruled this out it is likely to be a meniscal tear which could require anything from 2 weeks of rest to surgery(which is generally a big deal).
The best you can do is to go see a professional.
Is your knee unstable at all?

Knee is stable. I went to a Doctor yesterday. She thinks it’s a partially torn meniscus. Told me to rest and stop squats for 3-4 weeks and see how I feel. The knee is really sore and I feel it doing certain movements, but I can walk.

I guess I’ll just train upper body until then.