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Knee Pain in Full Flexion


Hi all,

I followed 3x5 starting strength for 7 months and everything was ok. Before the program I was squatting but it wasn't that heavy. When the lifts started to stall I started to focus on my mobility and my weak points. I followed Eric Cressey's Neonderthal no more. It really fixed my posture. However with 3x5 routine a pain appeared in my both knees.

I really don't know the exact point of the pain. It may be coming from my upper calves, lower hams or quads. It is not effecting my daily life but when I squat heavy for 1 month the pain got worse. I feel the pain when I kneel on the ground on my both knees. I even can't force my knees into flexion by kneeling on the ground and sit on my heels.

Second painful position for me is the position of pulling my knee to my chest while sitting.(knee in full flexion.
Sorry if I couldn't explain the positions very well. I can put some images if you guys need.
I dont feel any pain while walking or running. I feel it when i force my knees in to full flexion.

What should I do? Where do you think the pain is coming from?

Thank you for your replies.


Does it hurt when you get up off the couch?


Where? Back of the knee, side, joint line? Outside, inside?


currently no but in my last week of 3x5 i felt the pain while getting up off the couch


The problem is, with the movements I described before I really can’t understand the source of the pain. It is very hard to define it. Most likely, I feel the pain at the back of my knee. Upper calf or lower hams may be the pain source. And definitly from outside of the back of my knee.


Actually it sounds like you have a torn meniscus. I dealt with the same thing earlier this year (fortunately rest and PT have pretty much resolved it).


Weight is probably too far forward and your mobility may be lacking.

Post a squat video