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Knee Pain Help

I have been lifting religiously for about the last 10 months, I have seen great improvement in my lifts, my biggest gain being in squats. I started at about 185 at reps of 6. Now this week(being back to reps of 6) I am able to rep 325.

I have started to run into a problem. I have been having cronic knee pain, I also play water polo so this puts a large amount of strain on my knees, as of recently the water polo season is over, so I was hoping it would go away. O forgot to mention I also run about 2 miles a day. I only feel the pain if there is pressure pushing on the inside of my knee out.

So seeing that I still have problem I went into to make sure there was nothing wrong, the doc. checked me out and said there was nothing wrong but he advised me to start taking glucsomine. So for the last 2 weeks I have been taking that and have seen a small improvement. My dad was also a pretty a serious lifter and he suggested that I wrap my knees for lifting. He lives quite far away I was wondering if anyone had directions on how to do this?

I also had a trainer watch my squat, I am very careful about slow controled lifts but just wanted to be sure I wasn’t possibly lifting wrong.

One last question would be, could I my strength going up faster than what my joints can handle? and does anyone else have any suggestions to help with this.


It could be somewhat of a “too much, too soon” phenomenon. Ten months isn’t a long time, especially given the progress you made and the fact that you predominantly participate in a non-weightbearing activity.

That said, I’d look at the running first and foremost. What’s your footwear like? What about running surfaces?

I run our indoor track w/ a good pair of running shoes.

I only do this on days that I am not working my legs, so 2-3 days a week. I konw its rough on the knee’s.

Most of my activities for the last 3 months have been lifting. May have made it sound like I just got done with water polo. The pain has become MUCH worse since stopping water polo which leads me to believe that is not the problem.

thanks for the help