Knee Pain from Squatting

I know this is a common issue, but thats my problem, its too common, and the range of advice is too wide. Anywhere from GO TO A DOCTOR RIGHT NOW to “meh, ice it and dont worry”. I am wondering if anyone has anything better for me specifically haha

So, what hurts: the pain has been slowly increasing over the last couple weeks, started out only hurting if I pressed hard on my patellar tendon or the bottom of my knee cap. Only the right leg. It’s now progressed to hurting during activity (biking, running, lifting) It doesnt hurt at all during rest.

Training: my programming lately has been pretty high frequency and intensity on a few squat variations, but low volume. Say 3 hard sets 2 out of every 3 days. I try to keep my knees tracking my feet, and Ive had knee pain before from my knees going too far past my feet, so I keep an eye on that as well, but I cant honestly say that the culprit isnt one of those two.

Anyways, not necessarily looking for a diagnosis online here, but I have gotten great advice here before. Mostly what Im asking is, is this a problem I need to go talk to a physician for, or should I try to figure it out myself/online?

That sounds like patellar tendonitis. Needs rest, ice, and stretching out your leg muscles.