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Knee Pain from Squatting

It feels like it as the top of the patella/quadriceps tendon. More painful on the left knee, but comes and goes in both. This is fairly recent.

Is this a major problem? Should I just back off of squats temporarily?

Have you tried stretching your quads? Most of the knee pain I was feeling was due to tight quads, hammies, and calves. Also are you doing full squats? If so make sure you are balancing the muscle growth with hamstring and glute exercises as well (romanion deadlifts) due to squats being very quad dominant with a weightlifters stance. Also foam rolling your legs will probably help. Hope this helps a bit.

a lot of knee pain from squatting is caused by knees caving in. Try a few sets of lying clams in your warm up

ive gotten that sometimes. ive never had it for two sessions in a row. i am probably going to regret saying this but i am not too concerned about that part of the tendon