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Knee Pain From Leg Work


Has anyone ever experienced knee joint pain from doing leg work such as deadlifts, squats or leg presses? My left knee has a slight pain when I bend my knees now, and I also hear cracking every time I bend it. Anyone have any advice as to what to do with it, or where it came from?


Use the search engine to find the billion knee pain posts.


Is this a recent developement?

Have you had any past injuries to that leg, mainly to the hamstring or quad?

Have you tried adding in glucosimine to your diet?


Here's a knee pain thread from Mike Robertson:


My advice is to read up on knee problems, find the knee pain thread and if possible go see a doctor. Once you know what's wrong with your knee, you'll know more about what to do to treat it. I had a tracking problem with the patella and now I just include a lot of quad stretching and strengthening to keep the patella in the right place. If necessary back off on the weights until you can figure out what's causing the problem. It beats inadvertently making it worse.