Knee Pain from Bulgarian Squats?

Search function on knee pain just brought it up from normal squats, and suggested doing bulgarian squats to correct it.

But I’m having the opposite problem. I do front squats (had spinal surgery some time ago, and back squats are just uncomfortable) multiple times a week without a problem. I added in bulgarian squats recently to my routine, and my knee did not like it at all. Bothered me for a week.

I was going to keep the bulgarian squats in, but drop the weight low, and do more reps. Is this reasonable?

Where does it hurt? The knee is a pretty big area. I have had knee problems my entire life, so if you clarify a little bit I while help you out as best I can. What do you do for warm up? Do you foam roll? When you do the Bulg. spilt squats, is your knee coming past your toes? Are you doing any mobility drills for your ankles or hips?