Knee Pain Doing Squats

Hello everyone, I want to discuss with you about knee pain that occurs during squating, I have been training for years and I was squating ATG all the time, but this year it became dificult to squat the same way, I get serious left knee pain when I reach the bottom every rep, I squat with proper form and keep the weight withing the 6+ rep range, I know that some people can’t squat atg and for others it’s imposible due to limited joint mobility, for me it’s not the case since I have been doing the same squat for years with no issue, I tried recetly to squat a few inches less and it worked just fine.
the problem is that I realy love atg squat and want to keep doing it without risking an injury, what should I do.

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Avoid doing anything that causes pain, regardless of your desire to do the exercise.

I should qualify the pain to joint pain.

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Does the pain happen during the eccentric phase or the concentric phase?

Shoot us some video of you doing body weight squats. Video from the front as well as the side (90deg). Then post. Lets see where it goes from there!


Thank you for your ansewrs, I think I will see a doctor asap.
I don’t want the injury to get serious.

Can I ask why? I don’t know if you will get the result you want from this… likely a few thousand dollars in various tests that result in “just don’t do ATG squats”.

FWIW, I used to do ATG squats all the time, until I dislocated my right kneecap because bottoming out doesn’t work when you’ve got big calves. IMO, just don’t go ATG and continue squatting a few inches higher… you’re likely still breaking parallel anyhow.

*I want to make it clear that I don’t disagree with seeing a doctor for things, but that the medical system doesn’t really do well for small gripes such as this. Also, @Dr_Grove_Higgins is literally the type of specialist you would want to consult for issues such as these - if you were to see a doctor… maybe try as he suggested?

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