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Knee pain...can anyone help?


I have been suffering from a stiff, achy pain on the medial side of each knee the last three days, which I feel whenever walking/running. I haven't suffered any injuries; however, I just started a new job three weeks ago that has me confined to a desk all day. Could this have anything to do with it? I know this particularly concerns the lower back more than anything, but I don't know what else could be causing it. Bursitis, maybe?

Thanks in advance!



That may be relevant.




read "mindbody prescription", Dr. John Sarno


Is there more to the story, perhaps...?

How much running have you been doing - maybe you're overdoing something...?


If you have suddenly increased you sitting, you might have some tightening of the psoas/ rectus femoris. The rectus femoris is also a hip flexor. Try concentrating on stretching the region daily, but don't neglect the hip and lower back area.
I've seen many patients with knee pain that was starting at the rectus origin. Remember this muscle is both a hip flexor and knee extender. Of course ART is an option.


The only running I'm really doing is 2 weekly "Running Man" sessions of IBUR. I just noticed the discomfort two days ago.

I have definitely not been loyal to a stretching regimen...that changes today. I'm pretty sure I have some hip flexor issues. I am using the Cryocup on them, and I may have some ART done as there is a provider only 30 min. away, plus I have a gimpy shoulder that needs a little work.

When I went for ART on my hamstring back in April, the chiropractor said I had a really tight IT band and asked if I had knee pain, and until now I hadn't, but maybe there's something going on here.

Thanks a million for the replies, all!