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Knee Pain Below Kneecaps/Top of Tibia

I’ve been squatting quite a bit in the last few weeks and developed a slight pain at the top of the tibia. It’s definitely not something that’s excruciating but there’s a soreness when bent. I think that part of it might be caused by my form. The knees never pass the foot and shoulders try to stay behind the knees. I also do a lot of jump squats and box jumps. Maybe it’s caused by impact?

I just have a few questions

What exactly is the difference between pain and soreness when it comes to knees?
Has this happened to anyone else?
What do you think the cause for this pain is
How should I deal with this minor pain?


Probably patellar tendinitis at the tibial tubercle, where the tendon inserts. It was probably caused by 1) overuse and 2) squatting technique.

If you get a vid of how you squat it would be a lot easier to see what is happening. My advice for now is to rest 1-2 weeks and do some foam rolling of the quads and TFL (use a lacrosse ball on this), and strengthen the glute med by doing side-lying clams and hip abduction wall slides. It wouldn’t hurt to do some glute max work as well, maybe something like 2-4 sets of 10 reps on the glute bridge or single-leg glute bridge with a 5-second isometric contraction at the top.

Also do these stretches: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2010/09/episode-33-fgb-push-press-prep-hot.html

thanks for the input, the pain actually disappeared surprisingly. But i think that doing some more glute and hamstring work would be beneficial. I will give the recommended exercises a try.