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Knee Pain Because of Low Body Fat

Hey guys,

Quick question - do you experience a knee pain because of maintaining <10% BF? Me as an example can’t squat heavy below this level of BF, metabolic knee extension are the only way then.

When I’m below 10%, I’m def more prone to injury in general. It’s not a ‘knee’ thing, or a ‘back’ thing or a ‘shoulder’ thing. It’s everything.

I have no studies, just my experience.

Yeah, i couldn’t find any studies on that… There are plenty but on obese people, obviously. The thing is I experience only knee pain and only after heavy squats/leg presses. You know, in addition I walk quite a lot, plus medium intensity incline treadmill, etc. I think that the synovia is depleted. No matter what compounds I run. Love to squat heavy and love to stay on 6-8% BF, choose one.

Yep, burning both ends.

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Does anybody has something to add?

I started lean bulk cycle on wet compounds last weekend (have gained around 1.5-2.5 kg of water already), will report if I’d experience any improvement.

At 6 to 8 percent where is your bodyweight at? Also what height? Do you keep it that low for competition reasons?

I ruptured my ACL and tore my meniscus in a strongman competition after having been measured at 8.4% bodyfat on a BODPOD. I do imagine low bodyfat contributed toward a lack of stability in the joint.

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I’m currently sitting at about 88 kg of BW, 173 cm of height, just 3 years in BB (was a semi-pro road cyclist before, weighed ~64 kg 4 years ago). I keep that low for many reasons (just love it, coaching and preparing people for comp as well) and have no really troubles maintaining it, also I’m on gear for life. My E2 is always in check. It was the very first time I’ve had joint issues.

After 1 week of testestosterone, boldenone, oxandrolone, guys - there’s no knee joint pain at all! E2 is still the same, confirmed with blood tests yesterday. Have just done 4 sets of 8x high bar squats with ~3-2 RIR few hours ago, zero issues. Can’t express how happy I am now!

The size of quads was maintained with 15-20x leg extensions (slow conc & ecc, peak contraction, paused). Have been doing many RDLs, back extensions and hip thrusts to keep the meat and functionality. And yes - you don’t have to do squats to get big, but it’s so pleasant to do, has perfect stimulus to fatigue ratio, and is a great way to track progress.

The only variable here is the water retention (around 2 kg of extra water I’m carrying now).

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Same, for me it is just my lower back. Heavy squats become riskier.

I think this would be more of the cause of your knee issue.