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Knee Pain and Training

3 weeks ago I did leg presses on beside x 3000 8 plates each side don’t lock out the wraps or take them all the way down continuous tension since then I had pain in both knees now only my left knee when I walk up or down stairs got to train some legs tomorrow I’m 43 years old 295 pounds I realize losing weight will help I cleaned out my dietgoing to break out the knee sleeves for the duration of my workout tomorrow got to do trap deadlift then going to put my heels on the leg press so more is more glute action instead of quads and I will have wraps on top of my sleevesI will go later like six plates for 20 then some high rep leg extensionsI’m in the kind of work in a factory where I’m On My Feet 7 hours a day constantly stepping into 18 inches high moldsgetting ready to try some EQat about 300 a week will this helpI see they sell a supplement that helps lubricate the joints does this work

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