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Knee pain and ART

How have people foud ART to be? I have knee pain that is preventing me from doing leg exercises such as Squats. I can get through leg presses but they still hurt a bit. I have what feels like a stabbing pain right under the inside of the knee caps (worse on the right side). Is it worth seeing an ART practitioner? Should I see a regular doctor first? I have not done squats or deadlifts or lunges for about 3 months because of the pain and I thought maybe it would get better. But it has not. Any advice or comments on others experiences with similar problems would be appreciated.

Do a search for my posts on ART.

That sounds more like some type of damage. Maybe a tear, or pieces of cartillage floating around.I would see a doctor, and make sure that nothing is damaged. Then if everything is O.K. go see an ART practioner.

I would definately go and see an ART specialist. While you’re there have them evaluate the strength of your inner and outer quads, it sounds like you could have an imbalance (is your knee cap in the middle of your leg, or does it favor one side?). Also have them compair ham to quad ratio, this is also a cause for much knee pain. In the mean time try supplementing with glucosame and chondrioton, flax and fish oil. Best of luck.