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Knee Pain After Squatting - Inside of Knee Above Patella


Hi everyone,
Hoping someone can help with a knee pain issue. I’m currently doing 5/3/1 and it’s going well. I’ve had some slight pain on the outside of my right knee before due to tight quads but fixed it with lots of foam rolling.

Doing squats last week I worked up to some heavy singles with no pain. Dropped down to do a few lighter sets and instantly hurt my knee on the first rep. I’m thinking i lowered too fast and hurt it when i began the concentric portion of the lift.

It’s been stiff and sore ever since. I feel the pain when my knee is flexed at around 90 degrees. I can do all my other lifts fine but haven’t squatted. Obviously its hard to diagnose like this but any advice anyone could give would be great. Thanks!