Knee Pain After Squats. Technique?

I have just signed in for a Gym Membership after 2 years of working out at home, for my upper body really began to look much bigger than my legs. So my Goal is basically to build up my legs to match my upper body. Of course I informed myself about the best way to build up legs and thus focused my Workouts on Squats.

I read many articles and watched lots of videos to get my technique down.
I am really happy with my progress, as I have added 3 cm to my quads in about 2 months.
Lately however I am noticing pain in my left knee on the lower bony part of the knee right to the kneecap. I really would not like to miss Squats in my Workout, as they have provided great results for me and have become my favorite exercise.

Is my technique causing the pain? Here is a video.

I can try to make a better video if required. At some point I am looking down, I normally do not do that, I am just checking that my knees do not pass my toes and are in line with my feet.
Any advice on technique and/or the pain or eventually pre/rehab exercises?
Appreciate any Help. Thanks.

Camera angle really should be to the side, not at your back.

Utterly impossible to see anything relevant with that angle.

What worked for me :

Foam roll the dogshit out of your legs, especially the outside (IT band).
Focus on sitting back with knees out - Don’t let them collapse.

I was also twisting my body a bit coming out of the hole - especially using a Trap bar deadlift. I focused on fixing that too.

also - knees over toes bs did NOT work for me. Use a KB or DB, and find a comfortable deep squat position thru full ROM ==> that’s your regular squat stance. Practice. : )

It has to do with the angle of your knee and the long lever you are putting on that joint. You can actually see where the quad and that tendon hook up to your knee in the first few reps of the video. I would suggest widening your stance until your shin winds up as vertical as possible in the bottom position. Orient your toes outward to track your knees and drive your knees out as you go down. Always do that even if a closer stands bows your legs a little. You may also consider not squatting to full parallel. You look kinda tall and your legs seem long enough to receive good quad stimulation while remaining a little above. Just try to bring yourself to a depth at which you can use hip and glutes.