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Knee Pain 10 Days After Training Legs


I did legs a good 10 days ago and today I've been having an aggravated knee injury for some reason. It doesn't seem to hurt on deadlifts since I rackpulled 450x3 today (after warming up with DeFranco's tkes) and it felt fine. It was only in the time during the day and now that it was an irking pain.

Tentatively my plan is to switch to step ups instead of heavy lunges and primarily deadlift and stay away from squatting.


Does anyone with experience in knee pain have any tips or advice on how to approach this?


Where does it hurt on your knee? How is your hip and ankle mobility? Any previous injuries to that knee? Age? Height? Weight? Lifting experience? Other activities/sports being done at the same time?


I am confused.....are you saying you did legs 10 days ago and your knee has been bothering you ever since then? or you did legs 10 days ago, things have been fine and today your knee started bothering you?


I mean I'd say I have decent mobility. Not as flexible as when I used to do track but I try to stretch and foam roll as often as possible. No past serious injuries to that knee.

Been lifting seriously for about a year and a half.

It had been 10 days and suddenly my knee was hurting out of no where.

I feel better now I can feel the pain slightly when I poke it, but I'm a little worried it might've been a bad sign since a random day of knee pain seems odd to me.