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Knee Moving Inward

I just notice today that the reason its hard for me to do leg presses and deadlifts and even squats to a certain degree is that my right leg/knee moves inward. It looks and feels weird. The only way it doesnt is if i position my right FOOT slightly outward. What the hell is wrong with me?

Anything I can do to fix this or is it something your born “with?”

Weak glutes. Your quads move the weight in a squat but your glutes have to keep the legs where they are. Also if your quads in general are imbalanced one leg will push more than the other which could cause the other to cave in a bit. Your body will do whatever it wants to make the weight move most efficiently.

Try doing some unilateral leg work starting with the one that caves in and see if it’s harder on that one than the other.

our gym has a single leg-leg press “machine” should I just use it a couple times a week to strengthen my right leg?

for my weak glutes…looks like i better deadlift more…anything else?

Think that’s it.

Take a jump stretch band, double loop it around your knees and then do some light squats.

You’ll be amazed at how that wakes up your glutes.

It’s counter-intuitive since your knees are caving inward anyway, but just give it a try.

Perhaps a deeper squat, with less weight?

I used to have a similar problem, and it still happens every once in a while, but it has improved significantly with deeper squats and full ROM leg presses.

I am no anatomy expert, and if I’m wrong, I’m sorry, but I would think this could have something to do with weak abductors.

Have you tried forcing your leg back out? When it happens to me, I just intentionally force it back into the regular position, and if I can’t do that, I know the weight is too heavy.

rock bottom pistol squats.

Or it’s the glutes…since that’s what they’re function is. So rock bottom pistol squats=unilateral=yes. Deep squat=both legs=no

You have numerous lower-body muscle imbalances.

Take the next 2-4 weeks only do bodyweight exercises. You will thank me in the long run.


Just be sure to push your knees out when you do lower body movements.

If you feel it going in, stop and reduce weight until you can keep it straight.

Lunges and single leg leg presses will both help.

same problem here

i will try the band around the knees

I tried the bodyweight exercises and my right knee/leg still moved inward. Again, none of this is painful at all. Im just going to work the shit out of my glutes and put in some extra reps for my right leg.