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Knee Makes Popping Sound

A few days ago I lost my balance while carrying something in the house and fell on my knees. I was worried about how my squat routine would go two days later, but I had no trouble. However, I just noticed while doing a body weight squat that my right knee now makes a popping sound while pressing up out of the low position. My shoulders sometimes make the same sound. No pain though. I don’t hear the sound if I don’t break parallel, however I always break parallel and I have never had problems before this. Should I be concerned about the sound?

If you hadn’t falled, I would say no, My knees crack and pop all the time when I go past parallel, it’s just from very tight quads on my part.

Keep going, but be aware, and do a lot of warm up sets under 50% of your max to warm up, as well as 5-10 mins on the bike before you squat.

my right knee does this also and I was told it was my IT band snapping over a bone. But it only makes the noise when breaking parallel on squats, not on leg presses. So if I do squats I just stop right above where it makes the noise to avoid it.

you might have heard it for the first time because you were paying more attention. It can happen for any number of reasons, general consensus is if it causes no pain don’t worry about it. I would take pain to include any minor feeling. If it truly is the first time every for your body then your knee might be inflamed somewhere. Try icing it and foam rolling or biking to get the blood flowing through your legs back to your body.