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Knee/Leg Pain After Squats

I’ve been doing a variation of starting strength for about the last two months and after I do squats, my leg/knee area hurts whenever I sit down for a while afterwards. It feel like its just above the knee, so i’m not sure if its just my muscles being sore or if its actually something with my knee. It also only hurts at a certain spot, which is my knee at about a 45* angle, if I pause there, it hurts. Any other are is fine.

I’ve been ignoring it because I think it’s just my muscle being sore afterwards, as it doesnt hurt at all during the excercise. I’ve been just doing high bar back squats to parallel every other workout, so the other workout has no squatting. Then just last week I decided to swap out the power cleans for front squats instead. Now today, during my squat warmups, my knee/legs were hurting which hasn’t happened before, and when I would take a step forward, I could feel my knees hurting.

Sometimes, I’ll have a slight ache or pain when warming up for an exercise, but as I’m warming up for it and continue to increase the weight, the pain goes away, so I tried that but after squatting 290 x 2 which is my workset I decided to just back off. It doesn’t hurt so much while squatting, just afterwards. The variation of SS i’m doing has me at the gym 4-5 days a week, which has felt fine until now.

So I’m just wondering if I should take a few days off, go back to just squatting every other workout, or something else? I feel my form is fine and even had a comment about it looking good the other day. Any advice?

Can you describe EXACTLY where this pain occurs?

It’s hard to locate, but I believe its just above the knee, and not the knee itself. It doesnt bother me at all until i squat down about 45* this is even without weight, if its started to bother me already. And with the weight, it doesnt feel like much squatting down with the weight until I come up, and it hurts as I stand up all the way, knees not locked. I just switched from SS to one of kingbeef’s routines and did my leg day today. The first excercise was seated leg curls and something just didnt feel right above my knee, not the same pain as I’ve had but felt more like a cramping or something, so I just continued warming up with a light weight and it didn’t go away so I stopped it. Later I did leg press and had no discomfort at all, and this is bringing my legs down to a 90* angle. Then after that I went to front squat, and with just the bar I could already feel the pain starting. I took about 4 days off from working legs hoping that would help, but no change I guess. I tried squatting all the way down with just my bodyweight to maybe stretch that area, but all it did was give me an annoying pain in my leg for several minutes afterwards.

If it matter, when I do high bar squats, like front bar, my knees go past my toes which is ok, correct? Also on my high bar, I tend to lean a bit more then what I’ve seen in pictures, where the back is almost vertical. It’s somewhere between high and low bar for my back position. I’ve tried keeping it straighter as well as low bar squatting and keeping my knees behind my toes, but the way I do it feels more natural.

tonight I went to the gym and my legs felt fine, so although it wasn’t leg day, I did some squats with the barbell and it felt fine, so I did 135 for several reps and it still felt good, I just wanted to see how my legs were feeling. So then I went and did my workout for today and the only thing that involved the legs were seated calf raises, and maybe pendlay rows, just since my leg is bent somewhat. After I finished my workout I noticed my legs have a slight ache/weakness in the same spot thats been troubling me. I have no idea what could be causing it. Any help?