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Knee Joint Pain After Pinning

Hey guys, I pinned for the first time yesterday at about 3 PM, I’ll link my cycle proposal here if ya want: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/BigJJ88#myForums/thread/4825003/

Anyway, Pinning went fine, did the right outer quad about 8-9 inches above the knee, pinned with a 25g 1.0", used a 23g 1.5" to extract. Yesterday I was fine, with a little stiffness in the quad which soon subsided. I work in the bar industry as a doorman, so i was on my feet till 3 AM that night. Long story short, woke up this morning, and I can barely walk with minimal bending of my knee. Very painful right above the patella where i imagine the tendon of the quad meets the knee cap. I know site pain is to be expected and would likely subside after a couple days, but as this pain is a good 8 inches away from the area i pinned with 0 pain at the actual IM I site, I was worried. There is also always the chance that its completely un-related to the pinning and that i hurt it at work somehow, but im doubtful.

Thanks for the consideration.

(I have never had bad//hurt knees before,) I pinned Omnadren 250

Has anyone ever had a similar issue to this??

Another thread about pain/discomfort/immobility from a quad injection ???

Ya dont say…

i think a sarcastic comment from bonez means you have nothing to worry about lol

seriously though, ive had some pains in my thigh/glutes from having to stand for long periods of time shortly after injections. things just seemed to really tighten up for some reason. that and i think my gear was high in BAC

what volume did you inject? if it was too much that could be a reason.

ive heard of people injecting too shallow and the possibility of oil “leaking” down the fascia to the joint although, i dont know how much sense that makes and ive never experienced this

i would massage the area for a few days see how it goes

I’ve done this before too, you injected too low or too far inside your leg. The oil leaks down and settles in your knee, causing pain.

Thanks guys, i read over the injection pain sticky before posting, but nothing related. I would also assume it was too shallow, not too far inside, anyhow,

Overstand, curious as to how long it took for the pain to dissipate for you?

Tx again

EDIT: Forgot, I only injected .8 mL, it was supposed to be a 1 mL amp, but i suck shit at extracting it (amps are hard to use, durr durr)

A few days. It was a while ago, can’t remember exactly. It’s not a big deal.