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Knee Issue Question

First off, I want to thank all who have helped me w/ my stinkin knee issue. From the looks of things it does indeed appear to be a torn meniscus(sp?). I have seen a general prac and gotten a referal to see a specialist, but this wont be for a few weeks. My question is this- Should I still hit legs like I always have? Squats do not hurt, but I do not know if I am doing more damage than good at this point. Should I lighten up on the weight, or do a different exercise? I just dont want to do any more damage than I already have. I cant stand getting old… Thanks a million.

I would be VERY CAREFULL, but if it doesn’t hurt than likely it isn’t stessing the injury, may want to dble check with a sport doc in your area. good luck

Thanks ed. It doesnt hurt when I squat. And my apt isnt for another week or so. I will more than likely lay off heavy days and just go nice and slow to be safe. Thanks again.

Just to be cautious, I wouldn’t screw with it until a qualified osteopath gives you the okay. Knees are notorious for recurring injuries, and you, my friend, have a potentially bad one. As tough as this may sound, I wouldn’t do any lifts that feature the knee as a primary load bearer (this includes squats, deads, and power cleans-I know, I know, but think of it this way: you have about 60 years left to catch up). Simply dropping the weight isn’t a good idea, either. If you have a torn meniscus, you can aggravate it by simply moving the joint incorrectly without additional weight. While I’m far from a qualified physician, I’ve “been there” with regards to a relatively small injury that I wrote off and subsequently “pushed” and I suffered some nasty consequences as a result. Play it safe for now, and live to train another day.

DAMN YOU DEMO! but, i must say after some thought, i agree w/ you. sometimes i just lose sight of the long term. Thanks.

I had surgery, a year ago, take some time off, get it fixed, and then slowly work your back into it. Don’ t risk further injury, it will only set you back in the long run.

Hey DA MAN, you’re on the right track. Do the right thing, get it taken care of, rest. Trust me – I’ve had the surgery, etc. etc. Whatever you lose, comes back. I think you knew the answer to this before you wrote, but like most of us, you are a hopeless addict to iron pumping and hate to miss it.

Dear “Da Man”, you ask “should I still hit legs like I always have”. My opinion would be “no”, you should go lighter. Stop squatting with the bar by itself, like you have been for the last 5 years, Pick.

Bubbles (aka Da Man’s bro-in-law)

i am soooo gonna kick you in the nutz! i moved up from the ex curl bar over a month ago, shithead! i can almost get out 10 reps w/ the full size olympic bar now! man, you are a bitch…