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Knee is... Weird


Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing this weird feeling in my left knee: on the lower inside edge of the knee, (just below and to the right of the patella I can feel something that ... shouldn't be there, or that i've never felt before. It feels kind of like a tendon or something moving where maybe it shouldn't be. I'm experiencing no pain, and sometimes I can't feel it at all, but it will come back after engaging in certain activities that I suppose are putting stress on the joint(such as sliding down wet grass).

Other symptoms; there's been no noticeable swelling, and the 'weirdness' is most noticeable when my leg is slightly bent and i'm lifting it forward. keeping it locked out seems to mask it. I believe it was caused by having the knee cave inwards


I'm gonna go see a doctor/physio, but i wondered if someone might be able to shed light on what might be.


not sure.

have you tried eva / drainpipe rolling the area? i get pretty sore in there from squats. releasing the muscles seems to help me, anyway. right along the length of the adductor but especially down by the knee.


How long have you had this?

Do you remember a specific incident that caused the aggravation?

Do you SMR/stretch?

What exercises - especially lower body - do you perform and what is the typical set/rep/tempo?

Your situation can be something as simple as not enough smr/stretching/strengthening of the underactive muscles/poor technique. Or it can be something more serious. Regardless, you're making the smart move by having it medically diagnosed.

Feel free to keep us updated.