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Knee Injury

Ok last week i pulled a muscle around my knee. I went to the doctor and she gave me anti inflamatory pills ace bandage and a shot of some kida roid the told me it was to help my muscle grow back quicker, she also told me it was steroidal so i happily took it in my ass cheek.

Heres my question she is only going to give me 1 more shot how do i get here to give me more… or should i come out and say hey bitch i want to get huge…

I doubt it was an Anabolic steroid and doubt you will see increased muscle mass from that shot or follow up shots.

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Bushy’s bang on. Be thankful you didn’t have to get the injection in the knee. That really, really isn’t nice. I ruptured my ligaments and partially tore the meniscus in my right knee. The corto injections were bloody horrible.


If I was you, I wouldn’t be letting a GP do anything to my knee. Have her refer you to a specialist, at a sport’s medicine clinic.

I just wanted some advice or input on a knee injury from those of you that have lived it… my son is 16 and a junior in high school … he tore his acl last year and had spent an extensive part rehabing and not after participating in a jv game a yesterday he has done something to it again…

he had some pain and came out to stretch and went back in to get hurt the very next play … he said it popped while running … he was getting ready to make a tackle… he is going to see the therapist tommorrow and see what is going on… hopefully nothing serious…

he was in too much pain to go to practice today and opted to go home… what do you think???