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Knee Injury While Skiing

I do a lot of skiing in the winter time. I had a twisting fall where my ski did not release. It hurt. I didn’t hear any loud pops or snaps, but my knee was pretty sore for the rest of the day. I took some time off for a few weeks, but now when ever I do squats, lunges, or running, etc that knee will become sore. t

The soreness seems to be localized around the upper part of my kneecap. and upon straightening my leg I feel a tightness in the back of my knee.

I’ve had my knee examined by my Dr. (http://www.activehealthllc.com/)

he checked my knee in several areas and I had no point tenderness, we even did some ART on my knee, without any sucess. I need some advice please. thank you.

I know exactly how you feel i broke my knee cap like 7 years ago and then re injured it during this last wrestling season. What i did honestly was just stayed on it and now it gives me no trouble. For me my knee just needed to get use to all the training and it did.

i was hoping someone would say something like that. Im guessing it’s just become weakened and needs to be strengthened again, i’ll give it a try. thanks samson.

Anytime but if it continues to give you trouble any longer than 2-3 weeks i would cut back a little and maybe do a little more rehab exercises.