Knee Injury - Training for Wrestling

I got a knee injury in football. I’ll be able to wrestle in a month, but I’m out of football. I’m looking for some ideas and exercises to do with my knee problem. Right now I’m thinking of swimming, rope climbing, pushups, bench press, dumbbell row, chins, abs. I’m not sure how to set this all up especially the swimming. Any ideas appreciated.

What kind of knee injury? I am a college swimmer who suffered a torn LCL this past summer. I’d be happy to throw you some ideas.

Nothing too serious, mostly just bruised. No tears or rips.

well then swimming will be fine, start small. 4, 6, 8 laps at a time. I don’t know what you level of swimming ability is like, but you can get all the aerobic work you need with the swimming. just approach it as you would running.

Building your work capacity will take some time just as any other form of excercise so I’d say alternating days of lifting/swimming will be fine. M-W-F swimming/T-Th-Sat lifting…or any combination. Start at about 30 to 40 minutes of swimming to start at whatever pace/intervals you can handle. for example…

10 minutes of easy constant swimming to losen up the shoulder joints, and get some blood flowing.

5 minutes of stretching (don’t neglect stretching your legs, they’re used more than you’d think)

15-20 minutes of intervals
2 laps hard, rest for 30 seconds
4 laps hard, rest for 1 minute
1 lap SPRINT, rest for 45 seconds

Finish up with a few minutes of easy kicking w/ a kickboard or floating on your back unless this is still problematic for your knee.

Another trick you may want to use to get your heart rate cranked up, swimming without breathing. This is the simplest way to get your heart pumping fast without putting alot of stress on your muscles or knee in your case and it will help your body learn to utilize more of the oxygen you take in with each breathe which may carry over to wrestling matches. Try swimming the above intervals while breathing only 3 times per lap, more breaths if you can’t yet, or less if you can.