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Knee Injury (Probably ACL)


Hello All,
I have been in the beginners forum for about a year, so I thought I'd move up into here :).

I am writing because I had a great workout this morning, and then I went and played basketball. Bad idea, i guess. My knee popped out after I jumped and landed on that leg.

I believe it is ACL because it felt the same as when I injured my other knee 15 years ago. It hurt a lot at first, but I walked it off and it almost feels fine.... almost. It feeels extremely unstable, it just doesn't hurt. If It acts the same as the other knee did, I won't be able to bend it tomorrow though.

So I am looking for several things. First, any advice on what kind of surgery to get? I know there are several different methods of replacing the ACL, but I have no idea which one is the best.

WSecond, what can I do in the meantime? I was doing Meltdown training, but it looks like that's out now since there's plenty of leg stuff in there. Also, would swimming be a good form of cardio to replace basketball and running?

Finally, what should I be looking to do during the recovery period.




Well first of all I would say don't assume its an acl injury and actually go and get it looked at by an orthopedic surgeon and see what he says. If your knee just "popped out" I would think that you mean your kneecap was dislocated which could result in stretching or tearing of the meniscus or the lateral / medial ligaments which what I had happen to me before. Either way get it checked out and do whatever you need to so that it heals properly.


I am going to see my main doc today and she will refer me for some time next week to an orthopedic doc.



You're going to need an MRI for a clear diagnosis...

I had mine reconstructed about 2 1/2 years ago... If you need any help or questions answered during your process please feel free to PM me.




I will get one I am sure. My PCP looked at it and (she used to do basic orthopedics in the army) she said it doesn't feel like a full tear of the ACL, though probably a partial one. We'll see what the Xray and MRI show....



Is there a way for me to get a hold of you ... I am in need of advice... my son has hurt his knee again... same one he had his acl surgery on


Hi Jesus Freak,

I just tore my ACL on Feb 9th playing football. It was a complete tear.
It hurt like a muther-f'er when it happened. I felt a distinct POP. Afterward, it just felt all rubbery and very unstable. In the next few days it swelled up quite a bit.

I am having my ACL reconstructive surgery on March 13th. I am choosing to go with an Allograph,(spelling?) which is a donor or cadaver tendon. I am told that the recovery time is a bit less and the scarring is minimal.

I know a few people who have had it done and it seems like a pretty good option. Some people elect to graft the tendon from the hamstring or patella, but being female, I wouldn't choose to have more scars or weaken some other part of my body to fix an injury.

The rehab, seems like it is long. But for us gym rats, it shouldn't be that bad. What's hard is not being able to participate in sports for at least 4 to 6 months. For me, that is what sucks most!

Good luck with your knee!


I tore my ACL in June of '05, had it repaired via allograft in July '05. I've since returned to full tilt weightlifting and I'm currently considerable stronger than I was before the tear.

I've also returned to practicing BJJ & MMA. I only feel about 85-90% with my wrestling, but I think part of that is just dulled skills.

In terms of surgery choices, I may be misinformed, but I've never seen any reason not to go with the allograft.

First off it has the fastest recovery time. My surgeon indicated it was about 50% quicker than recovering from a patellar graft. Secondly, the patellar tendon option tends to leave people with years of mild pain long after the surgery. I realize that's not life changing, but why not avoid it if you can? As for using the hamstring, I again can't help but wonder why? The removal of a portion of the hamstring causes a reduction in the strength of the hamstring itself. Again, it is slight, but why lose anything if you don't have to?

I'd write more but I'm late for the gym.

I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding my surgery or recovery either on this thread or via PM for those currently weighing their options.