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Knee injury, fixing atrophy, and knee wraps!


So basically a lil over a year ago I broke my left patella hiking in Red rock canyon. I fractured my patella, but meniscus, cartilage, and ACL all in perfect condition. I did lose 5cm of muscle on my left quad/hamstring.

I have full range of motion, but i experience slight tightness/pain when doing heavy running, jumping, lifts. The pain does not alarm me it is in front lower part of the knee and have been told is pretty normal.

  1. Should I wear knee wraps/brace of some kind or just push through it?

  2. trying to make my legs even and fill them out. (Starting V-diet tomorrow so more definition in future pics)?

BTW macs switch the picture so the broken one appears as the right leg aka one with tattoos!!!!