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Knee Injury: Baker's Cyst

For those of you that don’t know, I coach football. I played it for years but now just coach it. I’m not your typical coach that sits on his fat ass on the sidelines, but will actually get in there and show you how to run plays, etc.

So Friday night, we had a coaches session where a number of us coaches got together to look at some new techniques, drills, warm-up’s, etc. As I pulled up to the field, I had this nagging thought in my head that kept saying “Whatever you do - don’t play football”. At the time I thought nothing of it, but perhaps I should have, as I was flying out on Sunday for a healthcare conference.

So while working with the other coaches, I was running with the ball and took a hit. I was hit from behind and it caused me to fall over my right light and when I landed - pop! I had pins and needles in my leg (not a good sign) and couldn’t move my knee. I could barely stand on it.

So I tough it out and hobbled to the sidelines and stayed for the duration of session taking notes, etc. - just not playing anymore.

Instead of going to the ED, I go home, pack my knee in ice and think nothing of it. At this point my knee looks like a volleyball.

The next morning my wife nags me to go to a clinic and get it looked at my a doctor. After jerking my knee around, she says that it doesn’t appear that I have any ligament damage, but due to the swelling, she can’t tell if there’s anything else going on - but does say I appear to now have a Baker’s Cyst on the back of my knee. I swear, if I hard boiled an egg, cut it in half and slapped it on the back of my knee, that’s what it would look like.

So a week has gone by and the overall knee swelling has somewhat gone done, but I’m still hobbling around with a cane and wearing a neoprene knee brace. The cyst doesn’t appear to have gone down or anything. I’ll be seeing my GP tomorrow to see what he recommends (as this has really put a half on my coaching (thank god for assistant coaches).

So does anyone know if these cysts go away on their own? Or do they require surgery? I did google it and some sites say in children they go away on their own. Some say they creat a weakness in the knee and come back from time to time and some say surgery. Does anyone know for certain? Or does anyone have any direct experience with these things?