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Knee in Agony Hours After First Quad Pin. Is it Normal?

So I pinned my leg today at about 7 pm, it was sweet first time in my leg normally go for glutes but fancied a change running 1ml of test and Deca.
At about 2 am my fucking knee in is bits can hardly bend it I can walk but it tender to the touch. I did the draw back etc an d confident with my location.
Any help or advice I would really appreciate it because this shit Is dumb should of carried on pining my ass.

You shouldn’t get any pain in your knee joint from an injection in your leg. Where on the leg did you pin?

You can get extreme PIP and swelling that makes the leg painful to bend, or put weight on, never heard of pain in the joint though.

You shouldn’t pin at night. By doing it in the morning or before you workout you move around and really helps with the dispersal of the oil. At night, it tends to sit there and you can really get some PIP.