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Knee Hyperflexion

I know the topic of squat depth has been debated a bajilliontyfive times here, and i am an ass to grass guy anyway, but I was wondering if you guys could offer some help. I am in a biomechanics class (Fun stuff) and our final is a report on a topic of our choice- and a topic my group seems to like is knee ROM. I am currently looking at a biomechanics book and, brace yourselves, it says not to go past parallel or move the knee beyond the toes! Now, what I am looking for is actual journals or websites that cite some kind of study or books by doctors or anything credible that could actually put these crazy notions to rest. I am already compiling a few quotes from the amazingly qualified coaches that write for T-mag (Thanks to all) and would appreciate it very much if anyone could help in the credible sources department. As always, any and all input is greatly appreciated.

I would go and register to the supertraining group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Supertraining/ on yahoo and do a search. I have seen this discussed numerous times -with plenty refrences and outtakes from abstracts to support their views.
Do a search in their search archives function(use the above link and scroll down).

Btw. I hope you don’t worry too much what your book says, it’s only that -a book :wink:

I was going to cut and paste an article from the Berardi website and put it here, but since it’s lengthy I’ll just give you the link


There is a section in there about squatting below parallel with some references.

Thanks guys, it is much appreciated.