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Knee Extensions: Bad for the Knee?


I currently only do heavy compound movements for legs, but since most of the successful lifters here advocate the inclusion of isolation exercises after compound movements I thought of adding leg extensions and leg curls to the end of my leg routine. However, I have read that leg extensions are bad for the knee.

Have any of you who have used leg extensions ever had any knee problems because of it? Is it a good exercise when the goal is muscular hypertrophy? I would like to get the opinions of those who have been at this long enough to have good results (BW > 200lbs).

Thanks in advance.


Leg extentions are horrible on your knees if you're flailing them out wildly. However most things I've seen say a controlled motion is very good for the knees.



If they hurt your knees, don't do them. If they don't, I think they're a fine quad isolation movement. Like zephead said, don't be stupid with them.