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Knee Discomfort/Pain with Squatting Regularly

I’m not talking about injuries(well if what I’m describing are injuries then they are very minor ones that heal quickly). I work out 3 times a week and do legs every day including squats(I’m at beginner to intermediate so its not too much). I have knee pain every now and then which isn’t too bad and always goes away after sleep and I wouldn’t call it even a minor injury. But almost all the time(that is 24/7, not just during training), I have what I could only call as discomfort with my knees. I always thought that with doing legs and heavy squats often you WILL have some discomfort that isn’t all that painful(it doesn’t hurt at all if I’m not moving the knee at all) but I never really bothered to ask. This is most painful a bit after I’m done squatting and it decreases over time but it still is there all day/night long.

My question is to those who squat heavy and often(or at least once a week!). Do you get knee discomfort(or pain) most of the time, especially about 30-60minutes after squatting?

Use knee sleeves, since adding these my knees no longer have a grinding sensation when squating.

I used to get really bad pain in my left knee, still havent found out why but I couple of trainers told me 20 rep squats can help also a stretch like the one featured in the “Third World Squat” article. Start light and if you get more pain id stay away from it, but it has helped a few people at my gym.

to be honest, I only do when something is tight/not functioning properly…or I’m just squatting Alot (as in volume/frequency - and thus probably tight etc haha)

Got rid of knee problems indefinately after I took a good 6 months off squatting,and used every opportunity to stretch the muscles around the hips, glutes, quadriceps, ancles. Getting into a deep squat stance and trying to sit also seemed to help, especially if combining it with walking in nature.

Ever since, exept for minor accidents, I’ve been pain free. If i squat heavy or not depends on who you ask :wink:

I’d rather not use knee sleeves. I do squat every now and then when not training but I guess I’ll try doing “third world” squats(sounds more like just squatting down and staying there) and stretching a lot more. I definitely feel my quads very tight lately.

Work on hip and ankle mobility- that shit did wonders for my knees. Also, 20g of fish oil a day seems to have reduced all join issues.