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Knee Cracks When I Walk


ive been on the smolve squat cycle for a week and a half. and ive noticed that my knee feels sort of weird. and it seems to crack when i walk sometimes and it worryed me a bit. anything i could do about this?


Back in my competing days my knees would click or pop as I walked, particularly in the cold months that followed my federation's late October meets. What my ART/Chiropracter explained to me was that one of the 4 quad muscles was sorer/tighter in proportion to the others (I squat fairly wide) and it was causing my knees not to track properly as I walked. He fixed it in 1 visit.


thanks for the info, what do you think i should do about this? maybe try to do a good amount of stretching? (im also squating pretty wide)


Assuming your problem is the same as mine (mine was the quad that inserted on the far inside of the knee), I'd recommend an Active Release provider. I go to one in Dallas who is also a licensed chiropractor. If you can't find one you might try a massage therapist but I doubt you could get one who could apply enough force in such a small area.

My ART guy is basically breaking up scar tissue/adhesions with his thumb. He could probably be an effective interogator for the CIA but he works miracles.Good luck.