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knee cracking

Today, doing my box squats 4" below parallel, my knee started cracking on the way up. This hasn’t happened for over 3 months, when I first started box squats with the squats being 1" below parallel. I widened my stance and pushed my knees out but the cracking did not stop. After the workout, I had a nagging pain in the knees that went away once I started the speed deadlifts. As you may have guessed by now, today was my speed leg workout Westside-style. Any help would be appreciated as to why the cracking occurred.

If it hurts, then your patella is not tracking right, and is getting “stuck” in the groove to cause the cracking.

I think there is a name for this problem, but I can’t remember it off hand.

If anything in your body cracks and hurts … probably a good protocol to go to the doctor.

Stay strong,