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Knee Clicks

So the title says it all. My knees click. When sitting or squating (even without wieghts) they click. All day everyday. When I lower just past parellel the both click in sequence. It seems to be coming for the center under the kneecap. There is no pain involved either. Just some tension right before the click.

Now if I’m doing squats (or repeatedly moving past parellel) the click will only happen once, not every on every bend. Any suggestions on why my knees do this and how to get them to stop? If anything its a distraction…people do turn heads to see what just popped (yep, they are that loud). I did do a search but found no mention of clicks without pain. Thanks in advance

It’s probably due to improper pateller tracking. If my knee clicks once I am on the foam roller rolling the quadricep.

I don’t necessarily reccomend this to you because the knee is such a goddam important body part. :slight_smile:

It is however what works for me, but I don’t get it often and it isn’t severe. Probably you need a doctor or ART/Rolfing.

Mine click/grind all the time because the meniscus(cartilage) is ground up. You can get arthroscopic surgery to remove it but if it isn’t hurting don’t bother. Obviously, however, you should go see a qualified orthopedic doctor.