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Knee Clicks When I Walk

Any tips on how to make a knee stop clicking? It’s been going on for a couple months now sporadically. There’s no pain and it’s not during workouts, literally just when Im out walking. I notice it usually starts when I catch myself using heavy footfalls (aka pretty much all the time when I’m not paying attention to it) and can prevent it by making a conscious effort to lighten my footfalls and cushion the landing of the step. Like I said, it hasn’t actually hurt up to this point so I haven’t gone to the doctor, but I just wanna make sure it’s not a indicator of bad things about to happen. If healthcare in the US didn’t cost me my right arm and my everlasting soul I would have already gone to get it checked out.

PS the clicking is coming from the center of the knee behind the knee cap.

No pain usually means no worries i.e. no acute or progressive/degenerative condition nor is the clicking predisposing you to any conditions. Many possible benign sources the exact of which is irrelevant because you should be all hakuna matata about this shit.

Symptoms other then pain which may be worth looking into include: a feeling of giving way, locking, stiffness/tightness, swelling, heat/higher temperature etc.

A history of knee/joint injury, pain or other symptoms could mean that this is worth worrying about tho.

For what you’ve described: Monitor symptoms for deterioration/worsening e.g. pain and seek professional help if that occurs.

If you are paranoid and it bothers you the go around ninja walking or whatever but ironically that change in gait pattern could lead to accelerated joint wear and tear and arthritis down the line.

If you spend time and money to get it checked out you’ll likely end up with nothing, maybe not even peace of mind.

Move to Australia. Ez