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Knee Chondroplasty


I messed up my knee back on 8/20 and it seems to be worse than I thought. I ended up getting an MRI and the orthopedist said that I had a loose piece of cartilage floating around in my knee. He swears that I need knee chondroplasty surgery and that it is the only option really. He says I should be walking in 2 days and out of the gym for 3 months.

I've been reading online about people that have had this surgery done and the reviews seem to be mixed. Some people talk about walking in days and some people talking about not being able to put weight on their knee for months. I was just wondering if anyone around here has had this surgery and what your experience was with it.

I went ahead and scheduled the surgery bc I'm worried if I don't do it then I'll never be able to do a heavy lower body workout again, but I'm wondering if I am jumping the gun here. If anyone has any info on this type of surgery I would appreciate any comments.


Get a second (or third) opinion from other (and better) orthos. Never jump into surgery without consulting the best.


Man I had an acl repair and it didnt take that long to recover. I dont know what exactly chondroplasty consists of though. I had a scope to repair cartilage damage and walked out of the hospital.


Tyrus 63...Man that makes me feel a lot better. I am actually having scope to repair cartilage damage as well, my doctor just called it chondroplasty so that's what I said. Thanks for sharing that, hopefully I'll walk out of the hospital too.


Yeah man no problem. I tore my acl and meniscus in 2 places and could barely walk, of course, I was a senior playing football at the time and my coaches were trying to get me to fall back on my knee to pop the cartilage loose so I could play lol but thats nither here nor there. You'll be fine man. I felt a ton better after my scope, I'm sure you will too.