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Knee Burning Sensation Becomes Painful...


I have my first meet coming up in four weeks and suddenly my knee has gone crazy. It started about a week ago when I noticed a slight "burning" in the tendon below my knee. This wasn't necessarily when I was lifting just a general feeling in the knee.

Yesterday I warmmed up like I usually do for my deadlift day, 10 mins of bike riding and some light weight (BW, 45, 95, 115) deadlifts. I wore knee sleeves for every lift including warm up. I got to 265, after that the pain was very noticable when I got into position and tried to go higher I just couldn't do it.

I limped a little last night but really it isn't painful, just a bit stiff, except for when I need to deadlift (sumo), so far. There is no swelling, no bruise, I am just aware that it feels weird.
I can not get an appointment with a doctor to figure this out before the meet and fix it.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there any kind of warm up or exercise I could do to help this? Could it be the sumo position? Should I try to go for a more traditional stance to see if somehow I am putting stress on the knee through improper alignment?