Knee Arthritis, Bad Shoulders, Sh**ty Doctors

Hello everyone,

             i have been battling knee problems for about 3 years now. and back in late 09' i was diagnosed with arthritis in the medial region of my left knee. I have also had pain in both shoulders for about the same time and im working on finally getting that checked out. but i have no health insurance and have to go through a stupid public health care center. 

JPS “john peter smith hospital”, for those of you who might know it. the doctor there are sufficient. but the time it takes to get in there and the quality of care i have to say are sub par for someone who want to be physically active.

             i am 26.. no i know to you over 35ers that might be grounds to boot me off here but hear me out, i feel that with my list of injuries at such a young age i  am pretty much just as bad off if not worse than most over 35 lifters. my right knee has no medial meniscus and the doctor said it was like something he would see in a 50 year old on the mri. 

i have been riding my bike for a while now. and i seem to be able to tolerate it very well. but i dont squat or lunge because i dont want to fuck my knee, and although in the past i trained like a madman with squats presses and deadlifts, i am unqualified to give myself rehabilitation.

             im trying to decide how much to disclose cause there is alot, but at this point i need to find work and i will bne getting my shoulders checked out this summer, and hopefully getting an mri to see if my left one is arthritic or not, i hope is jsut realy bad impingement due to my inabilty to fix my posture"ive tried hard. im thinking at this point in my life it is time to slow down and wait till i can make enough capitol to get evaluated by one of the private experts in my area, which there are a few where i live that ive researched. 

i want to be able to do things when im in my 40s for fuck sake. one thing i dont understand is all the talk about going to experts one here… is everyone rich? obviously that cant be the case. and insurance doesn’t cover special stuff.

              im alot smarter than i read on text guys, i know ive made myslef look liek an idiot. but i know a little bit more than you might expect. blah blah blah lol.
              oh well, thats my state of being at the moment, maybe when im not so lazy ill post my stats.

im 5’11.6 (182)
weight currently this morning 222

i was 185 but the damn meds the phyc put me on i gained 65 lbs roughly and it made my knee feel shitty as hell. i could have had more will power to not eat on them but it shows what a fuckwad i am right… young and idiotic. its funny what life teaches you as you get old.
oh well look forward to feedback,.
it would be good to hear from others with similar situations, or from qualified ppl in the field to give insight. i would greatly appreciate it.

take care all

First things first Why have u named yourself artritis boy? The mind. Is very important in in ones. Perception so that can’t help.
Im a former pro. Athlete and had more than my fair share of knee problems and retarded priks posing as docs eventually fuckin up my in am qulified to comment. Many elite Athlete have on mri serieus artritis.that’s not a problem and it does not reduce their performance. When u have this type of problem knowledge becomes imperative. Some guidelines in general :

Do lots of sprints and high resistance on bike
Definitely do leg strengthening because thars necessay for knee health
Leg exercises that you should carry out are those that the shin remains verticale sucb as bulgarian splitbsquat,revers lingerie and yes front squat weightlifter style
Only run in soft surfaces grass
Do sprints on grass great for bulk in legs
Just so u know many many Athlete can not at all train on anything apart from grass not even astro
Modification is the name of the game and if the Athlete at the top of sports can manage it you can.

Foam rollers quad stretch it band work Also great

Let me know if u gt more queries