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Knee and/or Quad Pain

I’m feeling a lot of pain and tightness on my quads/knees, mostly right above the knee in the VMO part. Usually after BENCH of all things, and slightly less on squat. I also feel it here when I do shinbox get up

I figured maybe I’m weak here and started doing VMO step ups, but now I’m seeing that it’s mostly for pain around the knee cap and below the knee, which I don’t have.

I been staying on top of stretching and foam rolling, so not sure if there’s any other factor

I can’t brace with my legs while benching, since my knee has been rebuilt. I get the same type of pain. The more I work on quad muscles the better is get.

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Do you bench with your feet tucked back under you, so there is a big stretch on your quads?

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Tucked under with feet flat before and it hurt, but tucked under on toes feels much better

It could just be quad tendonitis, a little inflammation maybe some tightness or even shortening of your quad tendon.

Then when you get into your tight bench setup, it’s a big stretch on the inflamed tissue, that you hold for awhile so you really feel it.

The easiest way to deal with tendonitis is high rep moves against band tension, so you can get full extension/lockout to train/rehab the area around your knee joint. I like leg extensions with a band rigged up on the machine. Stan Effecting used Leg Press vs bands to fix his quads. I’m not sure what equipment you guys have in the gym, or what’s convenient for you.

I guess maybe you could bench with your feet flat, maybe even with your feet in front of your knees for a little while as this heals up. Maybe think about a controlled descent and smooth reversal out of the bottom of your squats for awhile. Like limit the bouncy, tendon action, stretch reflex to give your quad tendons a break.

Nice, I implemented some of this stuff this week on deload.

Feet flat/forward actually feels like I get a whole lot more leg drive, so I might keep this. I recently JUST switched to bench from my toes because feet flat/tucked hurt my knees, and with feet flat/forward I get the big leg drive (probably more than ever) and dodge the hip/knee pain.

For knee extension, I did belt squats with bands around my knees Terminal Knee Extension/Spanish squat style and that felt juicy.

I’ll see how it goes after deload. I’m going to start peaking my sumo for a deadlift party.

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What’s up man? Any improvements?

After deload, I went feet flat on bench for a while, but it really affected how my bench executed. So I went back to benching from toes. The knee pain is much better, but still kinda there.

I’m starting to think the culprit could be from sumo, since I’m also getting sore in the adductors/groin as well. I switch back to conventional next month so I’ll see how that goes.

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