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Knee and Elbow Bands?

Question. I’m seeing more and more athletes (including muscleheads during training) wearing these bands (elastic?) just below the knees and elbows. Sometimes on both extremities…sometimes on one only.

What is their function? Tendonitis? Support of some kind? Do they fall under the same catagory as lifting belts? In other words, some limited value, but probably much too overused?


Well, the knee bands are supposed to help with kneecap tracking, thus reducing the incidence of chondromalacia patella. I have no idea about the elbow bands – possibly tendonitis. As for their usefullness, I have no idea. I’d imagine that you wouldn’t see so many people use them if they weren’t somewhat useful.

They are usually used for tendonitis. The bands put pressure on the tendon, and in a sense, hold the tendon down and take some stress off of it.