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Knee Adduction

I was looking at material for the NASM certification, and under the section about postural distortions it describes a tight ITB as one cause of the “knock-kneed” appearance, along with tight adductors and weak glutes.

The adductors and glutes I understand, but I have trouble understanding why a tight ITB(and TFL) would cause the knees to be adducted? From what I can find, the ITB connects to the outside of the hip, and outside of the tibia. So, I would think that if it were tight, it would pull the knee out. Can some one please explain why a tight ITB/TFL causes knee adduction?

The only other guess I can make is that the knee adduction is the cause of the ITB tightness, and not the other way around. Is this correct?


The TFL is actually a prime mover for internal rotation of the hip. Externally rotate your hip and you will feel a stretch in your TFL. Hip internally rotates, knees go inward. Looking at a picture of the TFL did not help me understand it, until I internally and externally rotated my hip. That is what I came up with. Hope it helps

Ahhhh, it all makes sense to me now…

Thanks a lot for your help.