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I am starting this here, for a few reasons.

The combat forum is great, but I am not longer
"training" for wrestling or Judo so I didn't want to hog up space there.

The Strength training forum is filled with Big Hosses...
and far to competitive and I'm not training for strength sports.

There are some HUGE hosses here too,
and you guys rock!

I wanted to starta log for the smaller lifters.
So here I am.

There are smaller lifters here right?

I'm 37 years old played Judo and wrestled in HS, and college
div III jr college then Div I and post college Greco.
got to play with the big big boys never won anything big
but stuck it out.

Basically Im not a kid and need to train in a more healthful fashion. with Injuries, Ice, and plenty of mobility work.

you can see my profile for the last 6 months of training.
if you like or care.

Live Born Raised work play NYC
I work in television lighting so work is interesting and physical.

deadlift 405 big PR for me just last week
squat 315, for 1 two weeks ago at out of town gym
bench 265 for 1

I really dont eat meat, just fish eggs, and dairy
I eat pretty healthy but some junk eating too.

Supplementation not really my thing
Fish oil some bromelain for joints and tendonitis
Post workout shake whey, and greens plus.
Sometimes I will do powdered BCAA and gatorade while training.

I just had my blood work done yesterday, and
my cholesterol is 153 WOO so thats good too.

I also train at a YMCA ( cheap and a block away)
with no rack. Yes it sucks. but it has a pool

OK today is the first day back since 11.3.08 because I got a
wicked stomach bug and thats what had me at the doctor.

Anyway this is what I did tonight.

10 mins incline treadmill walking
a bunch of stretching lunges etc.

Stomach (I do this every time I train.)
(I do the leg raises feet to face or feet to bar.)
A1 hanging leg raises 10,10,10
A2 standing rope crunches 10,10,10

I did some wood chop type things and some other twisting type crap

OH walking lunges
25 db 50feet x4 big steps

Barbell warm up a bunch of RDL, hang cleans, Hang snatch BO row
with just the bar.


Front Squat ATG
(I have to clean these so I cant go real heavy)
135x8,165x6.185x4,185x4 165x5

jump squats
I do these ATG but only get a foot of the ground
135x10, 135x10

OH squats
95x10 95x15,95x15

then I went home.

My left hips and glute where super tight and killed me on the
RDLs 315 felt like shit I should have went lighter

cleaning every set of front squats gets old quick...
and really aggravates my tendonitis.

Usually a day like this I would do some OH press work.
but the jump squats kicked my ass.

I also neglected to foam roll which I need to do.

Ok thanks for reading.



Nice to see you started a log here.

Jumping a foot off the ground wit a full grown woman on your back is no small feat.


Thanks Skidmark!

I have read your log, and your no slouch at all
PR's all the time



Welcome. Haven't been in a YMCA since I was a kid. Use to be the only place around outside of schools with a weight room of any sort. Do you use the pool much? Sounds like you've kept in good shape and 405 dead is definitely respectable.


i imagine that u got some interesting looks doing those jump squats at the ymca. i train at the y here and its basically soccer moms and guys doing frat curls. thats a mean leg w/o.


Hey thanks people

I am in deep deep recovery from the jump squats.

This YMCA is like most, but there are three large trainers who work there.
The first two are just big dudes, who lift
One would love to be a Body builder and
reads plenty on the internet including
www.eliteFS.com and westside

the Last trainer is HUGE he has competed in powerlifting and has a 680 dead lift.& about a 500 lb squat He is about 225 and looks bigger we are the same age, and he consistently will rep 595 on the deadlift.

So not your average YMCA... but still
the urban equivalent of frat curls and soccer moms and limited equipment are here too.

So having the 3 trainers who are weight room freindly is helpful,
they are OK with chalk.
I can make some noise from time to time..

As for the pool I use it Its nice.
I used to use it if I train when I have time
and is awesome for recovery.

typically I would swim after weights.
Or on a conditioning type day, run a fast mile lift and then swim.

I really do the jump squats because they don't take allot to work.
I have no rack here so I have to clean everything which gets tiring.
This really limits how heavy I can train so things like jump squats make up in intensity
what I can not get in heavier weights.



Have a go at zercher lifts. You can deadlift from the floor to your knees, rest it there and then get your elbows under it to lift the rest of the way - no power rack needed. If you can find a bar pad somewhere it saves you from bruising the arms.

It'll work the posterior chain somewhat awful. Shoot - it has all the benefits of front squats, back squats and deadlifts all rolled into one.

I like to touch the bar to my thighs when doing reps - gets you nice and deep. Elbows outside the knees will work quads and inside the knees with a wide stance will work the glutes and hams.


Great to see you logging your stuff here! You've got some good company on this forum!

I used to train at a Y pre-surgery, for the same reason: the pool was the best for my back. Used to lift first, swim after. The gym equipment stunk and there was never anyone around, but I got my money's worth during those years.

I could pretty much do whatever I wanted with what they had. I've since come to like lifting alone .... it keeps me from getting stupid-competitive. :wink:



Great looking workouts, and that's a great deadlift! Welcome


Thanks people....

Zerchers.. I have seen all the cool kids doing them allover this site, and I have wanted to play with them, so guess what is going to happen next week...

This is what went down today

Unilateral day

10 mins incline treadmill
foam, foam ,foam lunges and more foam rolling
a bunch of stretching and mobility work.

A1 hanging leg raises feet to face 10,10,10
A2 standing rope crunch 10,10,10
A3 cable Twists... 10,10,10

B1 one arm db snatches
40x10, 60x10,70x6
B2 walking lunges big steps 50 feet.
35lb plate over head.

C1 bulgarian split Squat
C2 one arm OH db press

D1 1 arm db flat bench
D2 db BO row

E1 db concentration curl
E2 db 1 arm lying tricep ext.

then I swam for about 15 minutes.

This is actually my favorite kind of work out
its hard but restorative too. I try to do these once a week but it depends on how busy I am. I went more for reps on this one
I should have skipped the Bulgarian split squats and after the snatches... I could not do single leg dead's either...

I had to do a TON of foam rolling...
that leg work out had kicked my ass.
I need to do foam and mobility stuff
almost every time I am in the gym...



there are no serious trainers as far as weight training goes at my y, there are only cardio ladies.

i used to do a few laps in the pool after my shoulder days before my injuries. it was utter devastation. i need to get back in there.

any particular reason for all the single arm stuff?



I've only done Zerchers using a rack lift off. Can't quite get my head around the method Skid describes.


Hey great question..
I do allot of unilateral stuff.
so its single arm
and single leg

1 de-load the spine
2 fix/correct weaknesses.


Hey thanks...
I think I can figure it out, Ill let you know,
maybe skid can chime in?

The reason he suggested them is I am living rack free
yes a lowpoint in my life.



Like doing one arm shoulder press and one arm bench.

When doing the bench- can you feel your abs screaming?

Welcome to the site.


I have to admit, the real reason I've given Judo up each time was injuries.

But a place with friendly trainers would be nice :wink:

I'm addicted to paying only $65.00 a year right now, I need to get over that. Maybe start some early a.m. swimming again.


Thanks for reading people!
the unilateral chest stuff, I feel more in my
seratus, and obliques.
The overhead presses more in my abs.

My abs are actually pretty strong..
but you can feel them more with one arm stuff for sure!!!!!!

and Elaikases I wish I was paying that...
gyms in the big city are pretty expensive.
85$ and up a month is pretty typical.



I have not been able to get to the gym to train... since friday

But on Sunday I did get to the track, and
do some sprints.

I ran a mile.. 6.47
then did some sprints
100m x ten.

then I felt like shit.
I dont time the sprints because Im slow.

I was hoping to get to the gym today, but work has been too busy.
I think the first time I can train again might be Thursday.

Life gets in the way sometimes.



Ok I got to the gym tonight and had a bulshit workout that I salvaged half way thru.

Crazy week A few long 12 hour+ days so I missed a bunch of days.

My job is physical so I dont like to go too crazy.

here is what I did tonight


10 min incline treadmil walking cross overs etc

A1 haning leg raises feet to face 10,10,10
A2 standing ab pull downs 10,10,10
a ton of lunges

a warm up with the bar
RDL, BO Row, lunges, hang clean, hang snat OH squat, good mornings all x8 1 big set

135x5,225x5,315x5,365x3,405 miss, 385x2
"rack Pulls'
I do these below the knee off of rebok platforms
405x4, 425x3,425x1x1x1

these felt like crap so I switched up

snatch grip Deads standing on a 45 plate.

OH squats
135x4,135x6 95x10,95x12 95x17

DB 1 arm oh press

a bunch of shoulder rehab prehad
twyl protocol
db "power cleans"

I was all stiff on the deads and concetrated on form... then I just felt like ass.
so I switched to the snatch grip- but was fatigued so I had lousy results.

On the oh squats, I wanted to hit 20 reps with 95.

this was like a mishmash of crap workout.
I should have skipped the deads, and just done the snatch grips and kept it to athletic lifts.

this is what happens when I cant get in regularly- I am a mess in the gym.




I got to the Gym on Saturday, Usually
we get out of town... and I dont train their.
But do plenty of yard work.
So this past weekend we stayed in the Big city
and I did a torso workout.

Sat 11,22.08
5 mins on treadmil
foam-rolling, stretches,more foam a bunch of walkig lunges and some mobility junk.

A1 hanging leg raises feet to face 10,10,10
A2 standing rope crunch 10,10,10

B1 BB flat bench
warm up 135x8, 185x5,225x4
205 10x3
B2 ez bar BO row
175 10x3

C1 db incline bench palms facing in
C2 chest supported row
2x45 plates x 6, 3 plates x5 3x5,3x5

D1 Pull ups BW+25
3,4,5,5 BW 8

D2 Dips BW+45
6,6,6,6 BW 10

thats its.

I dislike training the bench and it shows

I always feel such a diminishing return-

not much strength gain a ton of sorenes-
and shoulder pain.
And I always feel it hampers my flexibility.

I have avoided doing pull ups for quite a while as they aggravate the tendonitis
in my right arm badly.

Fuck Tendonitis , it like never really heals.

thanks for reading