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Hi People I’m back- started a new thread, cause I am OK to train again.

stats when I last trained

squatted 385 for a double
snatch griped 425 for a double

think I pulled 445 conventional

bench - not so much


pounds sets x reps


jump rope
Mobility a shit ton yltp 2x

A OH squat 95 3 x 10

B trap bar DL 135x5 ,225x5, 315x5 405 2x3

C RDL 225 4x6 w/straps

D Bulgarias SS 50 db’ pairs 4x6

E1 hanging leg rais 3x8 feet to face
E2 face pulls 3x12

felt ok for first time training- til about half way through.

B trap bar- weighs 45 the low handles are too low the high handles are a little higher then a reg bar. Problem is the plates the 45’s are the same height at 35’s they suck.
had a hard time with a good arch.

C RDL- again had a hard time with a good arch tried these with straps dbl overhand
not really a strap guy- but they seemed to help my elbows.

D Bulgarian splits need work

E Needs work -

I felt detrained but think I performed ok.

Good to be back

Fuck those heavy Ipods. I’d complain to management.

Welcome back. I’m glad to see you. What changed to kick you back here again?

Good to have you back. Its the heavy rock on the ipod that makes it weigh so much. Get some light flitty stuff… like Bieber. :slight_smile:

Damn its good to see you back. Glad you got the ok to start lifting heavy stuff again. Looks like all the bodyweight stuff is paying off, because those are pretty good weights for an inaugural workout.

Ill be watching this one K! great to have you posting again.

Great to see you moving heavy shit again! What did the doc say you CAN’T do?


thanks people!!

I love the e-support.

looks like

front squats
weigted squats
OH squats

doesn’t sound so bad

Don’t forget you can still do jump squats with dumbbells.

Great to see you’re back. Sorry to read about the neck and shoulder. But your list of acceptable exercises looks good.

Welcome back Kevin, that sucks about the restrictions but its great that you are back and still able to work around them.

Thanks people- I appreciate the support

felling the love and the DOMS already.

FarmerBrett I like how you think.

I am thinking trap bar jump squats coming soon


upper vertical

mobility no enough- stiff from training :)))
jump rope
lypt 2x

A high pulls 95x5,135x5 185 3x3, 135 3x5

B1 Pull ups NG BW+25 4x8 last set 6+2
B2 OH DB press 35’s 4x20 last 10+10

C1 Dip BW+45 4x8
C2 Facepulls 3x12

D1 pull down abs 3x10
D2 wood chop type shit 3x10

E1 curl to press bar 2x10
E2 seated db power cleans 10’s 2x20

ok the bars at this gym suck im at a family ymca- so I can swim with the kids

A high pulls - these felt good- 185 only got to nipple height so I stopped there

B pullups- neutral grip on everything seems to work better for me-
these might be ok- if I can manage to keep my neck vertical and not be in extension.
Needs work
however the high rep OH db presses are the shit- high rep = big swole

C dips- +45 needs work dips and face pulls good combo

D some ab junk- the pull ups and OH presses let me know , that inactivity hurts the obliques

what else- I love training in YMCA’s you get the best cross section of life.
very little brotard factor yet high entertainment factor

I love seeing the truly old people in the gym- its great, but I can live without the old man ball shots in
the locker room.

thanks for reading I need to catch up on all you folks.

Yay! You’re back!

Ooo NYAC. Jealous. They’re like the Emerald City of Oz.

No Pullups would make me sob too - but it appears you solved that.

Jump squats FTW! I just tried these with a BB - loved them!

Old man ball shots. Do.not.want. No offense…JK!

I hated lifting at the YMCA but mostly that ws because of the their not having a place to squat/deadlift so that must be a location thing.

I’ve got to start duing ull ups again.

Damn fine work.

hey Kev, congrats on getting back to training. Very impressive first day back.

I used to travel to OH alot and used the YMCA gym in New Philadelphia. It wasn’t half bad, but the squat rack was old and a little wobbly. no power rack of course.

Good to see life can’t keep you down!

Thanks people…

Soreness is taking over feels good-

fore arms extensors took a beating busy busy this weekend
and gearing up for thanks giving trying to see if I can fit in training on sat or sun

if there is anyone that can manage to fit training in somewhere, it will be you

[quote]mjnewland wrote:
if there is anyone that can manage to fit training in somewhere, it will be you[/quote]

That is for sure. Great to see you back at it. Lift hard, be well…

Hey Kevin - it’s good to see you’re able to get back into lifting again!

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