Klokov High Pull Technique

Hi CT, I’m sure you are aware of the way klokov performs his high pulls- straight legged and In a continuous manner. What coaching cues can you offer for this exercise?

I find my knees double bend so to speak and that the bar gets away from me. I perform regular high pulls aswell and find no trouble with the technique at all, but klokovs version is hit and miss…the reason I do them is because when I do get the form right it is such an effective movement for me.

Thanks CT

You will get out of the groove with this movement as soon as the weight shifts toward the front of your feet and that will happen when one of these two things will occur (or both):

  1. The back/lats do not stay tight during the eccentric. As a result the bar doesn’t stay close enough to your body and it moves the CCOG (combined center of gravity of the bar+body) forward.

  2. Your hips do not move back far enough during the eccentric which fails to load the hamstrings/glutes properly and shift the tension to the quads.

So it is important to engage the lats (imagine doing a straight-arm pulldown THROUGH your hips) when you initiate the eccentric phase AND to start by punching the hips far back… keeping the weight on your heels.