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Klitschko VS Haye


Wladimir and his wee brother have issued a callout to Haye. Says he needs to beat him to 'gain respect'

You know the heavyweight division is fucked when a white guy owns 3 belts for fucks sake

The callout video is pretty funny as well

Very Ivan Drago


??? what has this got to do with them being white, kind of takes away from their achievement no?

It is not their fault that no one can physically stand up to the Klitschko brothers AND match their all round boxing skill. They could probably stand up to best heavyweights ever, the problem is that legitimately there are no contenders to push them other than themselves so in some respects we will never know how good they actually are.

This fight needs to happen, and I hope Haye, the plucky brit, pulls of a victory. Haye is a nice fighter to watch, extremely fast and clearly very intelligent - he is going to need all of these attributes to pull of a win.


You bored me at HW boxing. Uh who cares?


This call out happened a good while ago.It is a fight I would love to see though!Was hayes last fight Harrison?Cause that was shitty as fcuk.Hopefully it happens sometime next year.


Like a G6. Like a G6.


Call out is quite old,but as of last week it seems likely that Wladimir and Haye will fight sometime in the near future.They're negotiating right now.I hope Wladimir kicks the shit out of him.

I read a funny thing Vitali said,'I want to fight him first,because my brother will kill him'


And white guys own 4 titles currently.


HW division sucks ass. Not worth watching.


HW has sucked for a good many years now. It has nothing to do with white/black/Latin. It has everyhing to do with fat,slow,hugging bore fest.

I don't know how to fix it, maybe make a superheavy weight class an move e eryone over 230 there?? Naaa maybe not


Clone a 19 year old Mike Tyson and let him loose in the ring. Just keep him away from Don King.