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Klinefelter Guy Checking In After 1.5 Years of Training


This sounds a lot like the guy whose pec insertions were too bad to get “bishes”


I can’t believe I missed out on all of this funny as it was happening.

Hey @chubbybaby throw us some more chum to work with.


Some say he’s still out there, looking for those bishes


You can still be successful, you can still lead an exciting and rewarding life, you can still have great friends, you can still attract decent and gorgeous women.

Wallowing in the genetic hand you’ve been dealt will go far further to blocking all of this than your narrow shoulders ever will.

No doctor is going to fix your clusterfuck of a perspective, only you can do that.


Keep at it the gym and with your diet.120lbs is an excellent effort for losing weight. If you can continue getting rid of the belly fat, you will be surprised at how much wider your shoulders will appear.
Be the best version of you that you can be. If I were in your shoes I would go down the route of doing a reasonable cycle of steroids(with nolvadex to combat any potential gyno).

Don’t go down the radical surgery route yet. Stop being so hard on yourself. At least you are otherwise healthy, not everyone is that fortunate. Choose to be happy, rather than sad, and don’t place so much emphasis on how you look.

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Dude, no. Go look at the WOGs of NBA players.


Yeah dude would rather keep his current physique than look like THAT

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What the hell is going on here. This guy needs a consultation with a psychologist, which is who an ethical plastic surgeon should refer him to.
Yeah right this guy’s gonna wake up looking like Larry Scott (who had an amazing body) overnight.


Are you sure about that?

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Yes waist-to-shoulder ratio for the win baby. Fuck everything else in life


this thread explains the other chubbybaby thread. wow. can’t believe i missed this one.

At least I know that my answer to anything he asks in the future needs to be ‘find another hobby.’

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Eh? I thought the OP was a male from all her recent posts. This is obviously a tall female from the pics posted. Look at the width of her shoulders.


I think a penis (or lack thereof) has a little something to do with it as well but I didn’t want to correct the OP.

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Dude…this guy looks great. So what if he doesn’t have the level of cobra-esque v-taper as other lifters: he looks better than you and I both do right now and if that was my natural potential, I’d still work my ass off to get it. I’d love boulder shoulders, or a cobra’s neck for lats…but anything is better than nothing. Keep at it!