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Klinefelter Guy Checking In After 1.5 Years of Training


C’mon @unreal24278, klinefelters doesnt stop him from dieting, running, riding a bike, and overall busting his ass. He’s on Testogel, and has already made a fool of himself with his multiple troll like statements. The man is delusional


I love it when people say this, because when people say “cycling” or “riding a bike” I now automatically assume they’re talking about anabolic steroids. And I have to think to myself “waaait a minute, could they actually be talking about cycling” lol. However testogel didn’t end up getting me past 400ng/DL for the first month and after that it didn’t get me above 150ng/dl, op could be different.

I’m not delusional though, I just wish people didn’t use pictures of me on this forum, as can be seen on post #39.


I had to go an look!! LOL

Damn you old


Yup I’m currently 79, but if you flip that backwards it makes me 97

(To anyone who actually thinks I’m 79… No I’m not)


Do you think my Frame is just as wide as the one of Roy Jones Jr?


I think Klinefelters is the least of your problems.

You are very odd.


Why does he have a chicken?


Because he couldn’t find a shoe?


Chicken chasing is how we always used to train in the old days. You catch a chicken, you can catch greased lightning.

Although, sometimes it makes you feel like a Kentucky Fried Idiot.


What really puzzles me is the fact that this guy would rather look like he does now than like a narrow-shouldered, yet muscular bodybuilder :thinking:


I am an XYY guy, something I discovered doing genetic testing later in life.

I am extremely tall, bordering on weird tall as a result. Very athletic, decorated soldier who was technically too tall for the Army.

I tried using 1000 mg+ smartly designed cycles trying to look like a mesomorph. For years. Always lifted big and ate quality food for a decade.

Didn’t happen. I can hit 300lbs and still look like a really tall thin guy.

Be the best you you can be.

I would recommend a doc who is aggressive on TRT and estrogen blockers and antiaromatase.

But don’t try to be Zyzz. He’s a weirdo that died on drugs. Hardly a role model.


Is this serious @unreal24278 ? I just accidentally found this thread. I hate this shit. People act like if they have less than perfect genetics life is over. It took me a almost 20 years to get to where I am (my pics are in my threads in pharma). Dude. This poster needs to investigate self esteem and self worth.


Could be a troll, I can never tell though, seems like a legitimate post

Yea I’ve seen I think two of your pics, your huge man, and lean, very impressive

I mean, having a nice body typically increases self esteem and confidence. Ive noticed a huge boost in self esteem over the past six months or so, whether that’s due to me being bigger, feeling better in general or just going to gym more is debatable. However I don’t think the guy in question would feel better even if he was the most broad shouldered, jacked guy on the planet, I can’t make a definate conclusion given the few posts however it seems there’s other issues with self esteem going on


This is exactly why Training is absolutely useless if you have narrow shoulders

It IS EXTREMLY IMPORTANT to have Broad or at least somewhat Broad shoulders because shoulder wath separates women and man

You CANNOT be aesthetic or dimorphic without Broad shoulders

Im getting a Consulting with a plastic surgeon now


Because shoulder width is basically what creates the aesthetic look of a Bodybuilder

narrow shoulders look pathetic, no matter how ripped you are


Wide shoulder and flabs of fat with no muscle all over the body look pathetic.


I think you should consider.

  1. Spironolactone. Get it from your doctor.
  2. Work on lower body exercises only. Make sure you really tone your glutes and hamstrings.
  3. Consider laser hair removal.
  4. If you consult a plastic surgeon do it for facial surgery only. Anything to accentuate your cheekbones is my suggestion.
  5. Learn to walk in heels.
  6. Learn to love your new life as Klinefelter Gal.


Yes, but then it would be worth to train


Lol so if you have a small dick it’s not gonna be worth having sex then?


I would say more titties and vaginas vs cocks and balls. But titties could go either way.