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Klinefelter Guy Checking In After 1.5 Years of Training


I have a feeling you either misunderstand the word “death sentence” or “absolute”

I was curious how long it was going to take for that photo to show up.


I want a naturally appealing wide Frame like Nick Bateman and NOT a wide Frame only through cannon ball sized delts


Im a boxer which means that im NOT able to put on so much mass like a typical BB


I want you to understand the meaning of words when used in a sentence.

That is not what that means.


Im german sorry, my english skills Arent that good


I dont want to end up Looking like this:


dude you need to stop posting new threads even more ridiculous than this one


Don’t worry; you won’t.


His chest Cage Looks good but his shoulders are Looking like they are compressed to his chestcage

Hella unaesthetic, just like a Teenager with muscles


What do you mean with you wont?


You will not look like that human.


Do you think my Frame would be wider with the same amount of muscle mass?


I don’t think that, no.


Yeah that dude looks like shit. You will way surpass that, get at it bro.


this isn’t a good comparison picture.

Your narrow shoulder guy has way overdeveloped pecs and traps relative to his shoulders, and a wide hip structure. All that shit really detracts from shoulder width.

Lots of guys have started with an ectomorph structure and widened their shoulders up nice.


I need to stop popping into Rate My Physique threads. I’ve clicked “Yes, Abandon” several times on just this thread alone…


You sound just like my dad.


I’m a Boxer! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Heeeeeyyy let’s not use pictures of me here aight, this is an anonymous forum


He has Klinefelters, it’s difficult to put on muscle mass/ definition with a sub 300ng/dl testosterone level