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Klinefelter Guy Checking In After 1.5 Years of Training

Ive lost 120lbs in 9 months through Lifting, cardio and a strict high Protein diet but i didnt gained any muscle because my testosterone Levels are simply to low

Urologists only prescribe Testogel which is too androgenic and way to less anabolic

They see Testosterone as a rapist Hormone, despite the fact tha my Levels are lower than the ones of a average female

I know that These Pictures look horrible but i cant get a more defined Body, ive literally tortured myself to get this Body, my Estrogen is still skyrocket high

For me it also seems that my skeletal Frame is simply to narrow to look aesthetic like Jeff seid or zyzz, im considering this surgery procedure called “clavicle lengthening”

Since i dont want to look like Larry scott (his muscles are nice but his Frame was simply to narrow)


Why do you call me a troll? Why cant i get a surgery for my narrow shoulders if there a People who get surgery for their gyno?

Im still not sure if my shoulders are narrow, i just dont want to end up Looking like Larry Scott

I want a naturally wide appealing frame

Because clavicle widening surgery for a narrow frame is a terrible idea. You have klinefelters symdrome, people with klinefelters syndrome tend to have wide hips and narrow shoulders, it is a byproduct of your chromosomal makeup and lack of androgen production. To enhance the development of secondary sexual characteristics you need to
A: Have adequate androgen production
B: Put a lot of work into your shoulders and lats, part of being broad is actually being broad, if you can’t achieve that the illusion of being broad is just as good as being broad, you can do this by slimming your waist and working your back, shoulders, a wide V taper with broad shoulders looks broad and aesthetically pleasing.

The VAST majority of people with klinefelters syndrome have primary hypogonadism, so how low exactly was your testosterone before TRT. Testogel isn’t more androgenic than it is anabolic either, that’s bullshit, the ratio of anabolic to androgenic activity for testosterone is 100/100, gels will convert to DHT more in some therefore hair growth can be more pronounced however it isn’t any less anabolic than other forms of testosterone, what will factor in is the concentration of testosteorne the gel gets you up to, and for many (including myself) the gel doesn’t work and is absolute garbage that should be taken off the shelves. Where are you located, why don’t urologists want to prescribe injectable testosterone?

To look like Jeff Seid or Zyzz you need tren, a perfect diet, great training and years of hard work, I don’t reccomend going down that route unless you want to compete, the time it takes to achieve a body like that, it’s very time consuming, and health risks are present, esp with tren. How’s your glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity? Many people with klinefelters have metabolic syndrome.


Agreed with @unreal24278’s excellent post up until this point. Hard truth, OP: I don’t care what sort of diet, training and ‘supps’ you employ, you will NEVER look like these guys. Guess what? Neither will I. Nor, in all likelihood, will @unreal24278. The fact is, those guys are genetic unicorns with respect to their frames, muscle bellies, etc. You too are a genetic unicorn–but unfortunately, one from the opposite end of the physique-potential spectrum.

Rather than possibly ruining your shoulders with a brutal, controversial surgery, I strongly suggest you address your underlying body dysmorphia. Clearly, you have a terribly unrealistic and skewed view of what a man should look like. You’d rather not look like Mr. Olympia Larry Scott??!! Are you kidding me??!! Sure, his frame is not ideal, but Good Lord, if you looked like him, you’d be the absolute envy of literally every man you know! You don’t need to rebuild your frame; you need to rebuild your expectations and mindset.

Stop looking at pics of Seid, zzyzz, etc. Find a physician willing to optimize your hormonal milieu. Eat like a monk, train like a madman. After 5 years of doing these things, look in the mirror. You’ll like what you see.


:frowning: I still intend to attempt competitive bodybuilding. But yea I have terrible insertions with regard to my arms, forearms and calves. I haven’t posted much of this but I do have amazing insertions with regards to my back and chest, but due to my mediocre everything else that’s a mute point… I can still get big/ have a good looking body though, I have the right genes to get big, but to look aesthetically pleasing or bodybuilding style good, not really no. I know one dude who has like top tier bodybuilding genes though, he doesn’t train yet has some of the fullest looking muscle bellies I’ve ever seen on a person, he doesn’t like bodybuilding though, it’s a shame because he has serious potential. Yea I forgot to put in genetics, that’s a huge factor.

Oh, nvm it appears you weren’t talking to me, I didn’t understand because although my genetics aren’t great, I’ve seen much worse genetics, my genetics are especially shit when it comes to the ability to get injured tho. It’s not to say OP can’t develop a nice looking physique, it’s just that looking like a top tier bodybuilder/ model like seid or (insert name here) may not be attainable.

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My apologies if you aren’t actually a troll. There was a very long troll post previously on TNation about “clavicle lengthening” and I assumed this was a play off of it.

@unreal24278 and @EyeDentist have provided some great advice.


Clavicle lengthening is actually a pretty pretty legit procedure

This might Sound stupid, but if my skelatal Frame is just as narrow like Larry Scott, then i wont continue Training

Frame is everything for me, if i cant Looks as wide like the Young Jeff Seid then Training would be pointless

I dont even care much About muscle insertions, i just want to have a wide Frame unlike Larry scott

I want to look like a man, not like a tall female

then forget about your obsession with frames and clavicle length and follow the great advice already given instead obsessing over nonsense. Soak up the tons of good info on this site, eat right, train hard, be patient

It doesn’t sound stupid. I also think you should not continue training.


Your frame looks fine to me, and great work on dropping all of that weight. You seem to be upset that you didn’t gain any muscle during that process, but that’s not what happens when you’re dropping that much weight.

Grooming and dressing sharp will get you a lot more mileage here than a controversial surgery.

Start with a good haircut. I’ve rocked the long, messy hair before too. I was a part-time dive bar bouncer at the time, giving long hair one last go round. It was actually pretty amusing to see the difference in female attention right after I chopped my hair and trimmed up my raging biker beard. Night and day buddy.


We can trade height, wanna be 5’4 edging on 5’5?

You got the frame of the daddylongneck kid. Look him up.Jk haha.


Yup, suuuuuper narrow this guy…


Agree with @T3hPwnisher.

You are on the wrong website. You need to find one focused on cosmetic surgery, specifically clavicular surgery. They will be able to address your concerns better than anyone here.

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Why would you get this surgery? I don’t understand at all. Just because something can be surgically done doesn’t mean it should be surgically done. So you’re going to go pay Lord knows how much to fix one particular aspect of your frame and then… what? If you’re hypogonadal clavicular lengthening surgery isn’t going to allow you to gain mass. Why not do the easy and cheap things first? Train like hell and eat right? Put 5 years into it. Find a doctor that will properly assist you with your TRT needs.

I don’t know because I’m not an aesthetic guy, but I’m not going to let a doctor cut on me until it’s medically necessary. That’s just me though…

There is a significant amount of people out there in the world that try to place all of their unhappiness into one (usually unsolvable) aspect of themselves. They believe that, if they could just fix this ONE thing, they will achieve the happiness that everyone else allegedly has.

The idea that, post surgery, now they’ll simply be a miserable person with broader shoulders does not occur to them.


I guess man… I don’t know. Going under the knife is a scary proposition to me. I’d rather do a whole lot of things than get surgery.

Having narrow shoulders is a absolute death sentence, you WONT look aesthetic with it, no matter how much muscle you gain

take this pic as a example